Wheel clippage

Hi, just wondering what option/s I have for making it possible to bar spin. Yes, I realise it is an unforgivable offense to subject my fixie to such brutal treatment, however bar spins are fun and my wheel clips on my frame. So are there any head tube extenders or similar things going around or is buying a new wheel/forks my only option.


New forks should fix it. There’s stuff posted around the interwebz about how/which/etc.

If its a one-and-one-eighth fork, you can get a crown race with an extra 3 or 5mm to fix the ‘29er/Reba’ problem… which should give you a lil extra clearance.

Ahh k cheers

also from what i have seen, the brooklyn machine works gangster forks allow for barspins :wink:

yeh true, any ideas where u can just get the brooklyn forks by themselves?

Email Luke at bmw@brooklynmachineworks.com

Shipping will cost somewhere between 40-60 dollars. The Gangsta forks are $175 alone and lead time is about 5 weeks. Any other colour other than black is an extra $100.

I enquired about them in April, so prices and lead time may have changed since then.

Also, they’re higher than normal forks so they’ll slacken your headangle if that matters.

There’s an aussie importer, he’ll charge you about $285 for them plus delivery if you’d prefer to go that way, you can get in touch with him at bluemountainbikes@yahoo.com.au

Couldn’t u just fit a 650c wheel at the front??
Or a fork with no rake

Mad Skillz?

Yeah, fitting a new wheel or forks would fix the problem, but was wondering if there were any cheaper options, and yeah… mad skillz

I really don’t understand why these fixed-gear-freestylers don’t just work it out, do it properly and kunstradfahren:

Then do some real tricks on a bike designed specifically to do mad-mad tricks. Oh that’s right - because it’s not about the riding, the tricks, the skills or even the fun of it.

ndf I agree with you! But could you have chosen a gayer looking example? :mrgreen:

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