Wheel help

Got a nice old frame last week to convert to a fixed-gear.
I’ve Stripped all the junk off it, ready to fit all the new parts.
But there’s one thing that still has me confused!

The frame came with some shitty old stock wheels and I’ve decided to just use the front one as is, maybe get new tyres.

BUT, the back one is giving me trouble. Is there anyway of getting all the freewheel cogs off without a $60 tool for that purpose? (and they’re just junk so i dont mind if theyre damaged)

And once they’re off, is it difficult to install a new fixed-gear cog and lockring?

Any help much appreciated!

A decent bike shop should remove your freewheel for maybe $5. Otherwise a big vice will destructively take off your freewheel. Photos will usually help.

Search for suicide fixed wheel for some further info. This forum has plenty.