Wheel pick up and box.

So I just spoke to a guy with some campy hub road wheels and he is not interested in posting but if I can organize a pick up he’s happy for that,
He’s in Carramar about 20km north?
Can pay in beer or what ever including digital high 5

fuggin bargain them wheels Dayne!

daynoh, i could probably help out if you get desperate but wont be for another week or so, missus is out of town so im alone with the kiddies.

the guy actually isnt too far from me as im also north.

you want the whole wheel or happy with just the hubs?

delacing and just sending hubs would be a much easier exercise.

Thanks jase, I’d like the whole wheels sorry,
Happy to pay some petrol $$ if you do end up going.

can get em for you, box em up ect ect. Jase can vouch for me I’m sure. Get him to hold them and I could get them tomorrow after 5pm


yep, whiteys a good egg. He’ll sort you out dayno

Cheers guys,
Pm sent