wheels and frame???

hey guys i have a set of 650c tri spokes and was wondering if i just put them in an average road frame the brakes will be out wont they???

if so is the only way of beating this by getting a smaller frame???

any info much appreciated

Your definitely going to need a frame built to take 650c wheels if you want the brakes to work. I’d suggest painting them fancy colours ie fluoro pink and selling them to some mad hipsters on ebay for a good number of $$. If the rear is a screw on cluster you can change the axle out and make it into a front to double your profits. If you do find a frame that takes 650c chances are it’ll be a shitty tri frame that you won’t want to ride anyway, or a kids track frame either way no good.

I’d think that a set of the dia compe clamp on brakes would work with this set up? However from a purely aesthetic point of view 650C wheels on a frame built for 700s is going to look a bit wrong.

Pedal scrape.

on the other hand, if you want to get rid of those ill-fitting, hard-to-use, worthless wheels, I might be able to take them off your hands. As a favour, like.

what if i was to get a set of 650 forks would this work???