Wheels O Death II - Melburn Mahem

Hey All,

A grand MDMA roller race / party / get together with live bands, general good times and mahem. Presented by Australias finest and fastest roller race MC’s, Toe Crips and Eagle Soup…

The date is 4th of April (given roller availability) and the location is 25 Easey Street Collingwood, in the laneway! The rollers should be bolt on, so anyone can get on and go nuts regardless of their skill or level of intoxication.

A few prizes from courier folk from a across the oceans!!!

Brought to you by MDMA, Shifter Bikes and House of Pistard.

Come and party!

(bigger version here: http://wormz.smugmug.com/photos/501456635_sHDyK-XL.jpg)


Time? I’ll come for a bit before work.

Qualifying starts at 4pm :slight_smile: (now have link to a bigger readable version of the flier)

Shit it’s my birthday, but got a wedding to go to :cry:.

i’ll be there for a bit, but not racing. stupid rum rules.

what are RUM rules? just worked it out

sucks to be straightedge.

I’d have thought they would make an exception for someone ‘FROM THE FUTURE’. :wink:

dude you should just do shots of Soy Sauce or something…

Then you can firestorm the competition


Get your party on kids.

are these open-sauce goldsprint sharewear vegan rollers?

urm8 :wink:

Good night of roller racing

Had heaps of fun



Well actually that wasn’t so bad after all was it?

Thanks for a fun night gents

my boy ben from brunswick cycling club was pretty impressed - corz, when are we going to get you and safa down to the track?

killer night dudes,cheers. :evil:

One day one day! I’m retired … I miss playing at the track, though those early training starts on Sundays are a bit extreme… Maybe if we had some kind of come and try day mixed in with some music down there and some races that don’t involve epic A grade protein eating endurance, like standing start sprints and things like that, we could get a few people down there. I’ve never been to one of TC’s come and try days down there.

all excellent ideas. i will make suggestions to the powers that be.

although, i’m a bit concerned that the two of you will both put me to shame. fuck, y’all were quick on the rollers last night.

a fun night - a big pile of photos to sort through, but have a few online here → http://www.flickr.com/photos/getgeometric/sets/72157616367181840/

What was the name of the band that played?

Um, damnit, Otis’s band, I’ll ask em tonight and let ya know.