When In Melbourne


Don’t know if this belongs in Melbourne, Linkblog or here but eh


^ +1

Heh, SE Burb kids.

Edit: These people are fucking dumb!!!

yeah plenty of stupid shit, a couple are funny though

That is my reaction to $4+ coffee.

I don’t get it.

this is the funniest fucking shit i have seen on tumblr ever.

i must be a sheltered young soul, a product of the northern suburbs… i dont know where 1/3 of these references are from… Luwow, St Ali, Grace Darling…
are they all just water holes?

Me either.

Agreed. Normally just there for the noodz.

The Mexican Taco Truck was a winner.

grace darling and luwow are both north of the river…

well bugger me haha worth going too?

no idea, i’ve never been to either!! haha

i’ve seen the other gene come stumbling outta luwow before, and the grace darling (often mistaken as the grey starling) looks like a nice pub, but unfortunately collingwood fans go there…

both are good times

i also quite enjoy that blog, but then im a hipster

My girlfriend loves Luwow, as do most other girls for some reason. It basically sounds like an overpriced Tiki bar.

I’ll be there this Saturday for a going away party, I will review.

The Grace Darling is one of the oldest pubs in Melbourne I think? And where Collingwood FC was founded.
Luwow is a place that suprises me why it is popular. Gettin’ old…

I get it: it refers to things that they do, then adds lolgifs.

This is the best reason to not go there.

try living opposite it when the pies won the flag a couple of years ago.
had the club song blasting on speakers out of their windows all night.