When is the demo bag being drawn?


Heh! Keen as hey? :wink:
Drawn tomorrow - 31st Jan.

I will notify the winner by email. Promise! :slight_smile:

I’ll be waiting then.

Can I have it?

Give it to meeee!
Nah in all seriousness from what you showed me of the bag on the sunday after the shownshine it looks like a winner and cant wait till you release them on the site!

For all those that don’t know Dave aka rangdog aka Bo Dave should check out his site.
Such a good guy with a great product.

Man I even put a link to you guys on my site so I should def’s win it :stuck_out_tongue:
see graphicgarage.com.au | BLOG

i want to win this. ill buy one anyway though.

i just want to see more deets on the bag!

If I win, I will swap the bag for a man date with Dave any day.

If I win, ill send Dave some redcan’s in the post.

so who won?!!?

saw the vid last night, looks like the perfect commuter bag!

Thanks for all the love guys, appreciated! :slight_smile:

Drawn yesterday and won by Clint in Melbourne. I will be letting everyone officially know early next week.

Bag is currently getting tweaked (internal pocketing detail) and should be available soon… and who knows, maybe there will be another prototype to give away! :wink: Regardless, those on the list will hear about the bag first, and will be given the chance to get a pre-order deal. And yes, you can still sign up now to go on that pre-order list!

I’m still checking my email constantly, with that gutty feeling like when your waiting for the news agent lady to tell you your lotto ticket didn’t win shit.

^^ and there she is, congrats dude.

Heheh! :slight_smile: Sorry the be the bringer of bad news! :wink:


How about you give out some limited edition pink canvas key rings?