Where Are The Social Rides At ???

Im Looking For some Social Fixed rides around brisbane city . west end

Can anyone help me out




plenty of business there for you bud

Really looking forward to These rides , Cheers Man

not forgetting the track on Tuesday nights- read the thread Visit to Chandler.

How much does it cost to race in Chandler? What sorta different grades/classes could a beginner race in?

Please read through the thread, a lot of your questions will be answered. Carry on this conversation over in the other thread maybe. You need a CA licence to even get on for warm up.
And yes if we think you are competent enough and have a licence then you will be allowed to race, in C grade.
Starts again 10th Jan - correct me if I’m wrong. We are on warm up by about 7 pm and the simulated racing in 3 or 4 grades starts around 7:30, it’s over before 9pm.
Cost is currently $13 for at lease three rides.