Where can I buy fixed stuff in Brisbane?


Where I come from, Stockholm, Sweden stores that carry fixed stuff like hubs and frames are not very common.

Im visiting Brisbane for 2 Weeks now. Yesterday I saw a few messengers on fixed bixes, so I thought I should look for a nice bike store.

Ive been in a few shops a askt about fixed gears or track bikes. They gave me directions to where I could buy Trek bikes. not what I was looking for…

can you help me out? Where do you buy you stuff?

Tanks alot!

love Brisbane so far by the way!

this oen is a no brainer,

GEARbrisbane, 3a Browning street west end :slight_smile:

get on it :wink: have a chat to erik ( you may be able to understand his dutch/english accent better than the rest of us :P)

thanks alot! Ill go there

make sure you ask erik if he has the nitto bullhorns in stock yet…

Gear brisbane is at the forefront of the bullhorn revolution! :wink:

Bullhorns are the new tight jean shorts!!!

you know i have heard rumours that erik may be sporting “the horns” in the near future :wink:

but i dont think he is ready to unleash the bullhorn fury yet…


didnt see any bullhorns…

BWAHAHA this one never gets old!!!