Where can i get this bike, kit...

100% serious.

yr not black enough to pull that shit off. also, thighs are too small.

I’ve never seen on of the Murray kits. I’ve seen the 7/11 jerseys on evilbay before.

perhaps try the new zealand consulate?

Good luck! Those are actually Serottas too.

there you go mckenny! you can just come over and ride mine!

but i’m not sure of blakey’s claim. andrew, what are you basing this on?

Serotta made a lot of the bikes during that time. The Huffy team…serottas.

why thank you james, i never actually read the link that i just posted in the giro thread…

HMC got knowledge fool.*

*Please say this in Mr. T’s voice.

i prefer to imagine ice cube.

Roll with it.