Where has The Rabbit Speed Fixed Gear Calculator gone?

Has anyone noticed Rabbit Speed has gone down? Anyone know where we might find the calculator or does anyone have a standalone version of it?
It’s a real shame if it’s disappeared as it was the best on the web.


BikeCalc.com - Bicycle Gear Inches Chart
Fixed Gear Calculator - Ratio & Skid Patch for all!

Cos fixies are #over.


Thanks for the alternatives - they just aren’t as good are they? I use gear inches and hit 220rpm on Saturday arvo so Rabbit just suited better. The pic is me when I read “Fixies are over.” I’ve been riding them for 35 years.
(The BikeCalc one IS pretty good)

Sheldon Brown.

Boy! I love Portlandia!


Yeah I just use the Sheldon calculator. (No skid patches though.)

I made this horrible calculator one afternoon, it’s really basic and the calculations are probably wrong.


Zach maybe you should stick to your day job.

Quick google and this All-City one seems to work pretty well: All-City Cycles | Riders


Rabbit author/host here. Can you not reach Rabbit, a singlespeed and fixed-gear cycling calculator? It should be reachable but it’s possible that your browser is blocking the app as it’s written in Java which has been as source of numerous security exploits. I’ve been meaning to rewrite it in javascript to make it a little more amenable to modern security standards and mobile devices but haven’t found the time…



Can you verify this?

Whois bareknucklebrigade.com

Registrant Name: TOM KUNICKI

why would someone make that up on a 10 month old thread…?

It wouldn’t be unheard of for people to post a link in a forum to a hijacked java applet. Being as this is post #1 what’s wrong with asking for verification?

I can verify if you want, but this perfectly brings up the reason rabbit is dying (java, applets and security). I was going to port the applet to javascript but it appears it’s been well copied and it’s probably not worth the effort. It’s still available for those that want it (now hosted w/ AWS, used to be on a machine at my home). I might kill it w/i the next year as usage is ~1% of what it used to be (only 10’s of hits per day now…)