Where is the best place to get...

a sugino 130 BCD 48T chainring.

i have tryed a few places in melbourne.

its one of the last things i need to complete my build.

also what front brakes do people recommend?

i think abbotsford sell sugino stuffs.

shifter bikes probably too

if you go to shifter just get one of the no name brakes he has.

thanks :slight_smile:

hold on… i’m surprised noone mention the internet :stuck_out_tongue:
know this from user iamsimon


I dunno if it being sugino matters but this guy makes sweet custom rings if your not in a hurry


good price too and free postage, if he is a little lax with hiis email.

hit up shifter bikes and get a fyxo ring instead, nicer and it’ll last you longer


TC will help you out, any BCD i think


beat me too it :wink:

you realize cycleunderground and fyxo rings are the same thing? Except the fyxo ring has an engraving, cycleunderground don’t.

yeah i know that, but OP’s in melbourne, cycle underground are in sydney and also apparently havent been responding to emails lately (according to another thread on here).
so common sense would be to grab one from shifter and be sorted by the weekend.

human powered has cycleunderground too

I stand corrected

thanks for everyones advice :slight_smile:
so close to finnishing my first build