where is the LBS?

ok, i’m walking and going crazy about not having a bike, even a frame in progress, so… to the carlton fixers: where is my LBS?

I’m not quite up for walking to malvern yet… maybe in a few weeks :wink:


There are many possible BSs’

Bosaris on Lygon Street
Brunswick Cycles on Brunswick Street
Fitzroy Cycles, just of Brunswick Street
The Bike Bar, just of Johnston Street

Trying to think of others. Some of these shops can be pretty expensive. Brunswick caters for SS’s and Fixers better than the others.

Hope this helps mate.



What Lats said.

Brunswick St Cycles is probably the best option, in terms of stock and walking distance.

Bike bar isn’t so much a bike shop. More a workshop with stuff in it, but definitely worth the visit. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the other two.

If you can walk that far then you can probably handle walking to Lygon St and meeting us for a coffee on Saturday. But I’ll understand if it’s too much to be sitting looking at a bunch of nice fixed bikes :slight_smile:

brilliant! coffee and fixies on a saturday morning! i’m there, just let me know the time/place.

thanks for the shopinfo, will go check it out soon.

Unibicycles at Melb Uni.

It’s a small little shop at the student union. Does mostly low end commuter type bikes. But John Prince (the owner) used to race track and I got most of my fixed gear stuff/parts there before I discovered there was a place called shifter bikes.

Nothing in stock though … you’ll have to know what you want and pre-order it. Always a discount if you pay in cash.


BRISBANE…come back!!!

yeah, shoulda mentioned that about the Bike Bar.

Its a more a workshop run by a bike mechanic. If you need parts, he’ll have them. He also has some frames kicking round. Not sure what size you want. Already has some built up sets of wheels with Suzue hubs etc etc.

just of Johnston on a little street called Chapel street.


there’s a Unicycles at the ANU as well - same sort of deal. The place to go if you want to be spoken to nostalgically about timber rims, fixed/free road racing bikes, repairing tubulars on the road etc etc. It’s where I get my cotter pins :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Catch the train from the city to Malvern station…

There’s also that place way, way up Lygon st, on the left before maccas… where the ol wrench from SHM works/d? Dun’know the name.

There’s also that place way, way up Lygon st, on the left before maccas… where the ol wrench from SHM works/d? Dun’know the name.[/quote]

Lygon Cycles?

If you want a laugh Nath, check out Webcycle in Johnston St.

Great web page.

Found exactly what i was looking for!!!

Screw all those options, got to…>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shifterbikes


I live in Carlton aswell, the shops I go to are:

Spoke(n) - For all my servicing and ultra bling parts. The guys have never steered me wrong.

Borsari - Don’t go here if you don’t know what you want, good for ol’ skool bottom bracket axles though, has heaps in stock.

Lygon Cycles - I’ve only ever bought tools / accessories here.

I don’t get down to Brunswick St very often, not sure why that is… maybe I should go there more often.

poken(n) are moving to StKilda to be closer to the latte crowd.

Maybe customers won’t interrupt them so often down there and they can get on with chatting and reading magazines.

(sad fact)

I am jumping for joy as they are moving to my street and it is a two minute walk, well a two hour walk if you get caught in the st kilda local on the way!!

St Kilda East they are moving into not St Kilda… that part of town is hell… The East is where it is at and we still get the allsorts passing through and the odd stabbing… best part is it is the neighbourhood that holds the othodox jewish community and if you want a bit more of a challenge than racing through city peak hour traffic your gonna find it here… except they driving slow, come out of nowhere, and usually drive 5 a breast on the roads so finding that sneaky gap might be a bit more of a challange!

Also the cop shop aint that bad and the cells are pretty well maintained…


I laugh at East.