Where should I go for breakfast when I finish night shift?

I work in Fitzroy and live in Coburg, and I’ll be hungry.

Greens, 115 Sydney road.

Righto, ta.

Sorry, my reply was a bit curt, its good and cheap and too hectic on the weekend to bother with but a weekday morn is good. And I guess kinda on the way.

East Elevation
Wide Open Road
Code Black

All on your way home through BWK

and all infinitely better than greens (sorry mik). more expensive though, greens is pretty damn cheap.

All good mate, it’s pretty good so far.

I’ll try those other places later. Maybe Code Black when I finish my next swing on Wednesday morning.

Wide Open Road is great, ditto on Rollys Greens comment, I personally don’t like it either.

greens would be so much better if they properly organised their counter/ordering process. what a clusterfuck.


All apologies.

What time to do finish up? I used to get a very late dinner at the European on spring street. Jamon on toast with like, 100 beers.

all good. Never been to any of those that B-dog mentioned. I’ll have to try them sometime.

TBH I don’t eat out at cafes to much anyway.

(time spent in a cafe kitchen kinda took the gloss of the breakfast out, plus I can’t be bothered waiting on weekend mornings, faster, cheaper and easier to just cook eggs etc at home)

You all need to Grohl up.

You know you’re right

no worries, it’s good enough, it’s just there’s always somethin in the way…

Nothing like a friday pun thread.

It’s about a girl, isn’t it?

You’re such a negative creep.

^ Don’t have an aneurysm.