Where should I ride?

Hey everyone,
I was going to ride Donna tomorrow… but the forecast has turned from aces to garbage and I’ve done it in “Rapha Weather” before and I don’t think I need to do that again right now. So I would like to take the CX bike out tomorrow in the bad weather and ride in some mud and muck and have a laugh - without have to take an 80 minute train ride home. So, tell me where I should go? And where should I have the obligatory post ride coffee & instagram?
I can get out to the back paddock out at Tullamarine or the Yarra Trails, but I’ve done them a bit and I’d like something new(ish). Throw 'em at me

Possible spanner: it’s better not to ride mtb trails in the rain or soon after rain cos it contributes to the erosion and destruction of the trails themselves/vegetation around it. We’ve all done it, but something we should probs limit. If you can get in before the rain, all good!

If it were me I would go chasing sensations to Mt P and add on a few extras if you are feeling perky. Heaps of roads out that way.

Yeah still keen despite the rain to maybe get out there and just do the clean side…
If I do I’d be shooting to take the first train to Lilydale if you’re keen :slight_smile: