Where to buy aerospoke??

am looking in to these and was wondering if anyone stocks these in brisbane?

or can you only order them online?



Gearbrisbane in west end have some in stock and can get any colour the next day.

^^ too slow brah!!! meh cbfed doing work today :slight_smile:

Fark no im on the lounge, Just had a meeting now im doing web research aka fixed trolling

closet fixed
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User Mckenny??

^^^ closet potato fan is he?

Shirts when hes 50

Tried google imaging cool spok photo’s and found it

lol… you can start hanging shit when you start using the big ring boy

HAHAAHHA is gold though.
Spin to win bra .
Its not how many k’s you do its how many revolutions you make lol

too good not to repost

fkn gandhi ftw?

when you climb mountains on track gearing, you’ve reached manhood… though I assume the crippling effects of geriatrics will likely be somewhat hastened by such acts

I’d rather be old with bad knees from cycling than over weight from not

too true - just remember when you’re old and cycling, that it’s not cool to wear 15 year old knicks… have seen a few old codgers round lately that clearly haven’t bothered to buy new kit for a couple of decades… the sagging, see-through material isn’t something I wish to be privy to while enjoying coffee after a ride

no mention of a successful descent, guess i qualify then.

^^ lol, i see what u did there…

I’ve got a front and rear if you’re interested.

what colour… i think i need to stink up a bike

and bonus points are provided for those that wear lumberjack inspired attire