Where to buy jeans online?

Sort of fixed gear related… :slight_smile: Sorry mods

Apart from ebay, anyone use any other site for purchasing of fancy label jeans like Diesel etc? The local shop wants $400.00 which I think is BS. Let’s face it, you guys here will know better than anyone else.

Cheers, Horatio

PS this is the original Horatio, not Horratio

dude just buy levis, serious its all i wear, i ay 130 a pair max and they last for fucking ever as well as they dont loose thier fit and are comphy as shit, original and the best

How skinny do you want them?

Agreed. I was able to get a couple of pairs for 30 bucks a piece in the us (not fake). Was great

I love levis, love the llok, cut, fit etc. plus priced pretty good. But they don’t last long in the crotchal area, especially if you want to ride alot in them…

Go to THATSTORE and ask them to order you some Nudie Bootcut Barry’s.
No way they’d stock them, but your $300 jawns will make folks watching you walk leak spooge out of their red-tabs.

fuck man, just go to jeans de jour on sydney road. tailored jeans for 40 bucks! they alter them while you wait!

This is good news.

Surf/skate shop bargain racks…$50 apiece down from $150 & $180

there are some good links in here


i just did an order from karmaloop

This sucks. Really sucks. Not sure what’s worse. Advise on skinny jeans or advise on what Chamois is better for your balls…

They have skinny jeans with chamois now! Get the fuck out!

^^ link please…

laughs for days

horatio, do you have any further info on what you want?
slim, regular, bootcut? (for the love of allah, please don’t tell me you want bootcut jeans)
will you be riding in them or just regular use?

sadly, unlike bike parts, you’ll be paying similar, if not more, OS than you will here.
CaliRoots has a good selection and regular sales (cheap mondays for €20).
other than that just try regular clothes sites like asos, revolverclothing, etc

If you’re worried about your crotch wearing out because of too much riding… Check out these dudes:
Eleventh Commandment
Double layer denim on the crotch. I own a pair and they’re awesome. Also, they’re Sydney boys who use Australian products and Australian manufacturers. So you know you know your cash is staying here in Aus.

edit: if you’re lucky enough to have the below waist measurements then there are a couple of pairs up for $30 on their site…

Navaho tyle (26,28 & 30)

Samurai Style (30 &36)

Try here for water repellent denim.
Not skinny hippster items but do keep the wet out.
Jeans for outdoor people - Clothing Outdoor Gear Shop - Alpkit


PM me, i work in a jeans store… and i mean a proper jean store that actually knows their shit.

ps, now would be a good time to have your name changed back to “horatio like in the old forum”

where do you work ellepea?

Just Jeans