Where to buy WTB rims in Brisbane?

Blakey kindly hooked me up with a White Industries ENO hub for my SSCX build. Also suggested a WTB Chris Cross i19 rim and after reading the reviews I can understand why, they sound like a great value for money rim, and offers tubeless possibilities into the future. The clincher for me though was that I’ve had a handful of leftover DT Comp spokes that turn out to be within 1mm of the required length I need to build this wheel! So it seems like it was meant to be.

Does anybody know of an online store or LBS in Brisbane that would be able to get these rims in? I’ve had a search but can’t find anything? The couple of online shops I’ve found all have hideous postage charges.

Sorry, I have no idea but I can provide a bad joke: Yo, I heard you WTB WTB.

Don’t laugh it’s what has made it impossible to find them!

We can get em Dan. I’ll check today for ya

Done deal!