Where to get a frame

Looking for a chromoly frame size 58 or 59 to replace my old steel frame that has issues and only has semi horizontal dropouts.

Any one got any ideas?

There diddnt seem to be a clasified sectional on this forum?

My mate just picked up a second hand fixie that has a soma fabrications frame that is chromoly and is light and very nice.

Been looking on eBay and around the web but can’t seem to find anything for a reasonable price around $150



If only you could manage a little more money, you can get a brand new fixie. So why stick to the repair thing ? Have you tried Amazon.com? For a little above 210 dollars, you can easily get a great 'value for money bike. I recommend one that I got my hands on recently. Its a hand crafted bicycle with a strong, tig-welded steel frame that makes it ideal for riding around just about anywhere. It has a set of strong ‘Wanda’ tires, KMC chain, and Promax brakes.
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try here http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=5

Here’s a good start


Where are you located?

GEAR SHOP BRISBANE will have the new fuji frames in very soon at bargain prices, plus there new alloy Colossi frames.

So nobody noticed this thread is nearly two months old? The OP has trading access by now anyway.

Case closed.