Where to go for a cruise around the Inner West?

Thinking of going for a cheeky night time cruise. Any good paths or areas to explore?

Close to Camperdown or Glebe would be sweet.

The bay run? Some good exploring to be had in Callan Park Mental Hospital.

That sounds like it could be exactly what I’m after. Cheers!

just don’t do the bay run on a saturday or sund’y morning…Unless you’re into mums and prams :cool:

And Bromptons, there was a group going around there on Sunday arvo, must have been 35+ of them

Duncan? Was that you? Is he even on here anymore? Heeelllllooooooo?

Did the ride to Callan Park last night. Got caught in the rain, and got home completely soaked - good fun.

Not sure I’d fit in with the trendy Brompton crowd.

Are the regular Weds night rides still a thing?

Sadly not, will try and organise something more regular with flammablethinker/Dan shortly, had a few poor turnouts and that put us off organising anything.

We must’ve spotted different groups, I saw so much flouro (and not the endurbro kind) it burnt my retinas.

I’d be heeeeeaps keen for that. I’ll keep an eye open on the other thread for activity.


Maybe do it monthly with changing locations…would love to join one thats further north.