Where to purchase riser bars - Brisbane

Anyone know if anyone stocks riser bars in Brisbane? I’m after some like these…

to replace these…

for when I play polo. I believe the stem is 25.4mm.

i got mine, (top photo) from ridgeways in stafford. was in there the other day and they’ve got a whole bunch of silver ones, 10 or 15 squid i think. in the box to the right of the front door.

Thanks Skippy. I’ll head over there and pick some up soon. Why didn’t I ask you directly?

Played on my drops the other week and the combination of sharp track geometry and a long cockpit saw a few uggly ‘jacknife’ type incidents, thankfully in back play so nobody saw / was taken out by them.

Are you sure you want risers?
If you want something cheap, go to bicycle rev. look for the mtb’s and just pull some bars off. Then cut them in 1inch increments, that way you get a real feel for how short you really want your bars.

You talking flats, Dave just put a set on a hoffy conversion and the look the sex :slight_smile: probably look better than risers but i like the bit extra height the rise gives, just that little more comfortable.

Yea, the extra height, plus a little less length (I’ve got a shorter stem from Erik - the champ wouldn’t take my money until he was sure it would work) should make for a more comfortable polo position :-).

Now to sort out my gearing - 74.6 inches is too big when riding against MTBs in the little ring :x. Problem was my 151 BCD cranks until I found some near new 144 BCD Sugino’s in someone’s basement :|.

Can you overuse these things :??

Just keep em tight and treat your threads right = last forever.