where to ride?? approx 80k's total

hey all

tomorrow’s meant to be a perfect day for a ride and i’d like to make the most of it. i’m keen to ride approx 80k’s max (don’t have a roadie yet!!!). i live in princes hill (brunswick pretty much). thought about riding to mordialloc and back but the last few rides i’ve been on have all been in that direction.

just looking for any suggestions for new horizons. happy to do it all in one direction then train it back. just after new scenery i suppose…

also happy if someone wants to tag along/lead the way.



how about port melb, williamstown, altona then back through yarraville, flemington up to princes hill?

Hey man. I think a few of us are leaving tomorrow about 9ish for a mordy return ride. I know you want something different, but that;s where we’ll be. Rage sucks.

pm’d 67890

hills or wind?

wind: whittlesea and back - head out along plenty, across any of the roads that bridge across (my fave is grants rd), then back along epping rd / high st (or through the back streets running parallel to high, ie cheddar rd - dalton rd).

hills: out towards eltham, turn right at the montsalvat sign on to mt pleasant, htfu, when mt pleasant ends turn right, then left along school road, hit main rd and head back in towards eltham.


If I was at home I’d post the map of it

EDIT: Here it is

another hills option (i did a while back fixed)

straight out canterbury rd, turn off at boronia rd all the way to the basin, then up the 1 in 20 to sassafras. there and back would be about 80k. if you want more you can head further up the mountain, or if you’re exhausted you can catch the train back from boronia.

Clifton Hill VIC to Sassafras VIC - Google Maps

i rode from brunswick to there and back, which for me was a pretty huge challenge and i was destroyed by the time i got home, but it was very rewarding. the hills on canterbury rd on the way home are what kill you.

Tomorrow, a friend and I are going to ride to the city to get a burger from some place in flinders lane, then we’re gonna ride home again.
It’s 90 k’s, and we’ll probably get to the city about 1 or 2. If you wanna roll out to Narre and meet us at webb street at 11am, then ride in with us man!

i think i’ll do this tomorrow

sweet,all good stuff that I might store for next time. I ended up ridin to mordy and back with Chaz,coffee and trigger. dudes are fuckin FAST!!

glad I stayed with them as long as I did!!

thanks folks