Which 143mm saddle...?

Need a new saddle.

Gonna put it on my commuter/gravel/tourer.

Currently have Specialized Romins on my roadie and track bike, both seem pretty comfy, but not sure how they’d go for long climbs in the saddle etc.

curious what people are running for longer rides that may add a bit more comfort?

gotta be available in 143mm, even better if it’s a cheap alternative like a Charge Spoon or whatever they’re called.

Let me know if there’s already a thread for this and i’ll merge it.


I have a Prologo Scratch on pretty much all my bikes - the lightweight carbon “nack” version on my roadie and the regular “pro” version on my other bikes. I just found a saddle that worked real well and stuck with it. The carbon nack version is a bit more compliant and it’s so great whatever the distance, although pretty stupid expensive RRP (I got lucky on ebay). The Pro version I’ve been able to pick up on ebay for about $30 from time to time.

I think I use the 134mm version but pretty sure they make 143mm.

I also ran one on my tourer for ages until I randomly picked up a Brooks and put that on which I probably like more.

I run Romins in 143mm too, have the all carbon one on the CX/road bike. Has a bit more give than the steel one i had on the other bike. Am trying out a 143mm Phenom on the all road bike now, also seems fine…

I think if it fits ya bum, stick with it TBH

Prologo Scratch Pro for me in 143mm.
Until a few months ago I was still riding original Turbo saddles as my favourite, but the Scratch was magic on the 167km gravel Brisbane Valley Rail trail race.

are the turbos similar in shape to the rolls? coz i hated my rolls!! haha

I hated rolls too, swapped the only 1 I ever had for another turbo.

ah ok, sweet, i’ll keep the prologo in mind then. thanks!

Specialized Power Saddle has been an absolute game changer for me. Did the Northcape4000 on one and can honestly say, it was perfect. No numbness. Just about to change every bike over to the 143mm model.

I’m tempted to put the power on my roadie now that the track bike is bike in the rack for a while now. It’s obviously a stark contrast to the toupe which I normally run (and have very little to complain about) but maybe I’m just used to it any niggles it does give me.

As for the OP, I’m a pretty big fan of just running everything the same across all bikes.

I have never been that person who had found the perfect saddle. To be honest, I think I just put up with what I was running. In more recent times I swapped for the Fabric ALM & Fabric Scoop & put decent miles on both both single day & much larger multiple day rides. Some rides were great and some were not so. I’ve ridden my fair share of saddles but never really thought about what I was after, other the the width and what I thought was the right shape. For me a really big factor was my constant shuffling on the saddle, especially when I am uncomfortable which in turn made it worse on the bad days. I found the Power gave me good support in the sit bones but overall changed the way I ride by rotating through the hips a lot more. Honestly its been a game changer for me.

been offered a 143mm toupe, brand new, in the price range i was hoping for. provided it’s black, i’m hoping it’s sorted.

but… thanks for the input everyone, i’ll be checking this out again if it isn’t the right saddle for me.

Yeah that’s why I’m keen to see what it’s like on the road. It’s good on the track bike for some stuff but in all fairness, once an attack kicks off (which is either me instigating or chasing stupidly to bridge it) I’m out of the saddle or on the rivet so I don’t really get that benefit yet.

Rolly. FYI I could spare a Prologo Scratch for a couple of weeks if you wanted to try it out. I don’t ride all my bikes all the time. Open offer, see how you go with the toupe first.

legend! thanks bud :slight_smile: