which cranks?

I’m looking at upgrading the entry level square taper silver Sugino track cranks that came with my Surly Steamroller…

I’m keen to replace the cranks with something black… …I’ve looked at the black FSA isis drive track crankset (the one with the carbon spider) and kinda like it, but not 100% sold…

So I guess what I’m asking is, ‘what other black cranksets are out there?’


Where can I get them from? How much?

Or is there an Australian Distributor I can get some off?

I recently got some from ShifterbikesDan for $250. And they’re the best.

75s are ISO taper. Sugino everything else is JIS.

ISO BB’s aren’t that hard to find (ie everything Campag) plus FSA and a few others make them too I think.


Easy to find but not cheap. The only 102mm Campag BBs are Chorus and Record, with the matching price tag. RRP on Chorus BBs is about $180.

Or Phil Wood?

Yes. And from memory, a Phil works out to slightly more than RRP Chorus (I think including the cost of the Phil tool) but at least you can change the cups and spindles separately.

i think a pair of black paul cranks would better suit a steamroller… both kind of tough without being racey.

What about sugino 75 BB either the standard or the superlap versions.