Which frame?...SCOTT Addict v OBEA Orca Bronze

I am in the midst of looking around for a new frame.
My budget is $1500ish. (So I understand I am limited in my choices somewhat)

These are two on the shortlist
SCOTT Addict R2 2011 - $1699

ORBEA Orca Bronze 2013 - $1599

I like the look of the Scott and like the idea of a damn stiff frame (that sounds seedy), and something like this looks the goods.

I also like the look of the Orbea , but I’m pretty sure it’s a step down from the Scott.

Anyone have opinions on either frame?

I have the addict R15 and it changed my life.

orbea are managed by a worker’s cooperative.

I just had an Orbea orca in my stand.
The Finnish was realy nice and the do feel pretty bloody stiff.

I havnt ridden or worked on the Scott but I know people with them and they rave about them.
They do have a good reputation.

I was also consider a S Works Tarmac sl3 on run out.

The SCOTT would give you a good reason to buy a GreenEdge jersey.

Really? Thats awesome!

I’d still go the Scott though.

Look at the Orca’s seatstays from the rear. This will persuade you to buy the Addict (which had the least amount of bottom bracket deflection ever recorded in RIDE magazine’s stiffness tests).

Settled. ADDICT.

Kill thread.

Orbea looks better though, and you wont look like the Fred next door as nexus rightly points out.
Good prices you mention- are they special online somewhere?

The rear of the Orca is designed to act like a leaf-spring when you’re climbing. If you like to do a lot of climbing it’s probably the better option. If you like to sprint or race crits then I’d go the Scott.

whichever one has the geometry that you prefer

The Orbea is from Competetive Cyclist and the Scott is from a bike shop here in Melbs.
I’m pretty happy with both the prices too.

Thanks all for the responses, I’m still undecided but ever so slightly leaning towards the Orbea as I like the look better.
Seeing that I haven’t really heard a bad thing on either frames I may just go for that one.

god damn commie.

I’m more suited to crits, but one race a weekend compared to most of my social riding consisting of climbing (which I’m not very good at), is another reason for the Orbea.

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Hampton had these cheap, bloody good deal.

Might be more than you wanted to spend but 50% off.

Total deal!! And a better buy than the other two

And then there is this…

Parlee Z5 Frame Set : Fairwheel Bikes, Cycling Boutique

FFS was waiting for this! :slight_smile:

only 75% more than I want to spend!