which grips?

after searching the forum for the most comfortable grips I’ve come up trumps with any real definitive answers. I’ve narrowed it down to Oury and Odessey but am wanting to know peoples preferences for a daily commute. I ride anywhere from 20-40km a day, 5 days a week and the grips I have now are as hard as hell and I’m wanting something that’ll stand the test of time and be comfortable.

I have found that Oury’s can get slippery in the wet (with not gloves) and leave crappy rubber all over your hands when it gets hot and sweaty. They are quite spongy as well.

Longer track grips (Champs, Charge Plunger, Strong V’s / G’s) are also another option.

I was using Champs and Strong V’s on risers for a bit and found them great, but they are thinner than other grips.

Steer clear of Soyo grips if you plan to ride without gloves.

Hate when you loose a whole post.

I use these, they are good.

Oury = don’t like ie. no good.

Bartape on risers also = good.

I ride with oury’s and really like them, but they can get a bit slippery in the wet.

i found the blocks on oury’s to be uncomfortable for long rides. i think they are designed to be used with gloves? plus they get dirty and look old quickly?

those BMX ones with all the fine ribs seem good. user: Sime had some a while back, but i can’t remember what they are called.

Yeah, I’ve got these. They’re ribbed for your pleasure :wink:

I rate them over Oury’s anyday. I got mine for about $12 from Bicycle Express, and cut the high-flange bit off.

These!!! Soma T- Grips for track bars FTW

i’m diggin on the charge plunger grips. like the other track grips, but cheaper…

bought some charge ones, will let you know how they go.

ODI Longnecks are the original grips ‘with all the fine ribs’…

There are a few blatant copies getting around by different brands.

And then a few variations.

I think the ones you saw on my black steel frame would have been the brown StolenBMX grips. Seriously awesome grip and I’d rate them over ODI Longnecks.

gonna buy more when i come across them.

odi longnecks are good
very comfy to your hands :slight_smile:

i like ame grips

i’ve had cork bartape, vinyl bartape, fizik bartape, salsa pepperjacks, old inner tubes, and now some charge plunger grips. funnily enough i’m going to back to the cork bartape. i’m just not really into rubber.

the inner tubes were great though, totally indestructible and really grippy.

the fizik microfibre stuff is nasty

pepperjacks on my polo bike are good for that purpose (man i can’t wait to get back to polo)

charge plungers are solid and grippy, similar to the soyos but a few mils thicker.

does anyone know where to get the strong-v grips for a reasonable price, in Aus? they look like they’d be worth trying.

i have oury’s on mine and don’t mind them though the criticisms listed here are legit-
slippery when wet/sweaty, mine are yet to get dirty, thoguh i’m sure it won’t be far off.

i put cork bar tape on my last bike (riser bars) just prior to selling and found that really comfortable for the few weeks i had it like that

odi longnecks all the way

i also find that with my ourys, they easily clean up with wd-40 and some tissue paper or something
cleaned them last night and look good as new :smiley:

Ive ran both champs and ourys for a while, the champs are ok but wore out fairly quickly and arent the softest things on your hands.
I agree with LAM when it comes to Oury’s, I find them a little bulky and the rubber to flake off on your hands quite easily.
Now running ODI Longnecks and they’re the awesome, super comfortable and soft, not too bad in the rain (still a little slippery though but they more than make up for it in comfort).
Another grip I used on my fixie and also for ages on my old bmx were Demolition Waffle grips (http://demolitionparts.com/product_waffle.html).
Really comfortable and they never wear down

These are the cheap ribbed BMX ones I have. They came with flanges at the end, which I cut off. Also, the BMX sized end caps didn’t fit in, so I had to rig up some of my own using part of the end caps, a washer, some tape and a screw.

I find them more comfortable than the Oury’s. Grippier too.