which one of you arseholes

which one of you arseholes started a “maurice sendak appreciation thread”? seriously, i’ma come to your house and punch you in the mouth.

fucking death always seems to happen to the wrong people.

Maurice Sendak Dead: ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Author Dies At 83

Imma start a Tony Abbot appreciation thread.

You’ve seen his Colbert interview right? Freakin’ great.

Scroll down on this link to see it:
On E-Books and Stephen Colbert: A Few Words With Maurice Sendak - NYTimes.com

yep. is amazing.

Can we make is a combined Abbot/Pyne thread?

How about a boobs appreciation thread? No wait I found it, it’s filed under “the internet”.

I have never read / been read WTWTA. True Story.

Holy shit, really?!

Come round and I’ll read it to you. We’ve got, like, three copies of the book, couple of stuffed toys, some sweet figurines and even a real-life human Max!

OMG. Can I ride the strider too?

This is going to be the best sleepover ever!

After you read the book, listen to the Christopher Walken version

Where the Wild Things Are (as read by Christopher Walken) - YouTube

I’ve got one of them too.

Sort your shit out Blakey!

Ohhhhhhhhhh. If I’d loved WTWTA as a kid, this would reduce me to a jelly like mess.

I didn’t see star wars until I was 19 either. Hence I don’t ‘get’ it.

I feel bad for you son.

I really like the soundtrack to the movie. My train is going slow as shit, I’m gonna listen to it now.

A rider on this forum is in the movie, max_p is the sisters friend who squishes max in his igloo then feels bad.

Raised by wolves?

Well I’ll be! Max Pfeifer - IMDb

Just call me Romulus yo.

This explains the beardo 650B thing quite well. Is Mr Symes in the same boat, no Starwars until post-pubecent?

Is you Croatian? Rodjak !!!

Hmm … Blajkevic ???