which shoes?


i am about to go clipless and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on shoes? not to expensive.

thinking of getting eggbeater pedals. so would need something compatible.



good basic shimano shoe.
MT41’s are the ones i use.
good construction, wear well, and comfortable enough for me to be able to wear for 10 hours a day without problems.
i like these because i can run the laces a little loser and still have the crank strap done up nice and tight. the venting is great, and when they get soaked they are dry by morning.
they cost about $130 a pair, and are eggbeater compatible.

Any recommendations anybody makes are meaningless to you. You need shoes that fit your feet well. Try lots of shoes, brands and models, when you find the set that fits the best, buy them.

Shimano shoes come in a wide size which is great for my freaky feet.

S-I-D-I, you ain’t got no alibi…

…unless you can’t get them cheap. Then you’ve got one. An alibi, that is.

the SIDI MTB Dominator 5 looks good…

probikekit has them for $207.77

bit pricey

not sure if its worth the investment tho?

should probably go try a pair on a see how the feel

You can get SIDIS a lot cheaper on o/s ebay sites, esp US. If you don’t mind good quality 2nd hand ones, you can get them dirt cheap.

i have some adidas ones (think they’re ‘el moro’ or something) that i use when not riding with clips n straps. they’re pretty good, they were around 140 i think and they don’t make you look like an extra from tron.

I’ve got a pair of these, only shoes that will fit the spades I call feet, Euro 50 in the mega wide fit. Great tough shoes, good when it gets wet, not to bad for walking in should last you ages.

went to brunswick street cycles today and tried
on a few different pairs…

the shimano mo-75’s felt good and were some of the cheapest there at $140.

they had the ro-75’s aswell.

would both be compatible with eggbeaters?


those things kinda gave me a seizure… thats way too much :lol: