White ind narrow wide

So I just bought a new frame (lilac Polyvalent, don’t judge me)

And I’m thinking of chucking my Eno cranks on it with one of their new narrow wide chainrings on it.

What bb spindle size should I use? The same one i used for single speed?
I read somewhere that the Enos used a 113 spindle, turns out I was using a 108 on the bike it was on. Anyway some help would be good.

I might just sell the Enos if it’s too hard i dunno.

Oh and I’ll be running 10 speed on it.

Could just try the BB you have and see how it looks?

As long as the chain is straightish in the middle cogs (or ones you use the most) your ok.

Alternatively ask Commuter Cycles, surely they would have done it and have a good idea on which BB length will work the best. (+ They’ll have the length of BB you need in stock)

Wait, what?

Two days ago i was reading a review about a VO Polyvalent (the one featuring Blakey) and now my old nemesis turns up asking the things about his Polyvalent?

Coincidence? Serendipity? Illuminati?

I don’t know the answer to your question, BTW.

Yeah, I’ll Chuck on my current bb and see where it lands. Good idea. Cheers

@Captain_Commuter all of the above.
We’re always not not watching.

Are the cranks 3/32 with the current chainring? You may not need the narrow wide.

That frame is cool and the colour is lovely

Yeah im excited and trepidatious, its pretty much a full VO buid, aside from the rack, wheel, seatpost and drive train. Pretty beardy.

@droz, running 10 speed chain. and narrow wide is def a must.
i’ll chuck the bb cranks and wheel off another bike and check it tonight.

Otherwise ill be selling the ENO cranks if anybody is interested.

I just wanted to add I have a Lilac Polyvalent too. Love it.