White Industries Eccentric Hubs

anyone tried them? im sick of running a crappy deore derailleur as my chain tensioner. if you do the math though, getting a new wheel built (may as well get a new rim while you’re at it) would probably cost you a good $380-400. might be better off finding one of those (elusive) secondhand surly/on-one frames…

in fact, i think it was cheaper ($195) to get horizontal drops welded onto my frame. what am i talking about thats the better option.i just made this thread completely redundant.


Mate…the White Industires ENO hubs are the way to go. That was you always have the choice to either run a dedicated singlespeed frame or a normal derailer frame…

Go and see Dan at shifterbikes.com


Oh…wouldn’t you know it…my www link it directly to shifterbikes…the importer of white inductries…

I run one on my mtb, fixed(14)/free(16). It works fine, no problems.

It is damned ugly, but I guess that is just a taste thing.


hey me too - but I DON’T think they’re ugly :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Well, the eno slipped on me yesterday. I’d noticed chain-tension was bit off when I was riding, but didn’t have any tools with me. Sure enough, I hit some cobbles and pop goes the chain. I suppose it didn’t slip all in one go and if I’d paid attention to the chain tension before I went out it would have been ok, but now I can’t stop wondering if it’ll do it again.

I found my eno slipped a bit at first. Then I got a BFO allen key to do it up (1/4" drive KC allen bit). It meant I had to fix punctures in-situ on the road but the hub never slipped again. Having a 19mm spanner to hold the axle makes life a lot easier too.
When I got horizontal drops I just switched out the axle for a straight one and still have a bling back wheel.

PS. I used to go the 14 fixed/16 free but recently ditched the freewheel as it never got used.