White Industries Eno Cranks and Locktite?

CraigC haz White Industries Eno cranks that haz a lockring (the thing that holds the chain-ring on) that slips/loosens and I am having to tighten the ‘little mongrel’ up all the time. Would putting the weakest of the Locktites on the lockring cause any problems down the track. I have sometimes found with locktitie that once it’s on, you can’t get the fucker off. The cranks and the lock-ring are both made of alloy, also it’s a White industries ‘only’ lock-ring from what i have been told.


Dunno if this helps? Maybe email them, they may be able to suggest something.

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Something, somewhere on that interface must be worn. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any reason why the lockring constantly loosens. Check and replace if nec. Otherwise loctite is fine.


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