white wall 700cc ?

my question is does anyone make them between 700/20 , 700/25?

Pretty sure Nokian do a whitewall, and I saw a cheapy WW in BSC @QV last week.

you can also get some everwears wit ha whitewall :slight_smile:


Is this what you are after? 700/23

nah i want 50’s white wallls that match my valiant.

where? and what does that mean. long hand please

WW: Whitewall
BSC: Brunswick street cycles
@QV: At the QV shopping centre in the city, not on Elizabeth or Brunswick St.

Michelin pro race3 and im pretty sure schwable (sp?) do em but probably a bit mod for your look.

vittoria rubino pro’s come in a white wall 700/23 and 700/20. You can get them at most bike shops, but you can always find them cheaper online http://www.probikekit.com/display.php?code=Y1071

vittoria zaffiros, all white look sexy as.

50ea at brunswick street cycles, any store.

dont skid on them cos theyl be gone in 5 mins, but very grippy.

rubino do black strip down the middle, white sidewall for bout 25 i think