Who else is happy about this?...

Pretty gruesome for the weak stomachs Video - Bull gores bullfighter in Madrid - The Sydney Morning Herald
Fuck him, he deserves it…

12,000 are killed a year, fucking animals deserve this, i honestly don’t care if it’s traditional.
just by looking at it you feel sick and want them to get owned. Just my thought.
Sorry for people who enjoy this or it is your tradition.

the animals deserve to get killed?

I think he is referring to the d00ds with the red cloth as animals. A slightly confusing description given the subject manner.

I can’t say I’m glad the guy got a horn through his mouth, but there is certainly a just desserts element to it.

yeah, not exactly a happiness-inducing event, but certainly deserved.

if anyone has a NOS fully-embroidered toreador’s outfit thought, i’ll pay good money for it.

The pain that he caused to thousands of bulls, this is a minimal punishment. The only thing i can get my uneasiness to get a bit less angry at the fighter is that the dead bulls get given to the poor.

+1, would you like some blood with that?

this is absolutely wrong! this is part of the job/hobby or whatever the hell they call this stupid crap…
the bull didn’t deserve to be killed at all…

unless you don’t eat meat, on this issue you can shut the fuck up.

i don’t eat meat, so imma gonna get on my soapbox and preach away…

actually can’t be bothered but an old housemate went to the bulls last year when he was in spain and his GF at the time cried her eyes out watching cos she didn’t think/know they actually killed the bulls…

Yeah sorry cause all our beef we eat are stabbed with poles and a final blow of a sword?
No, I don’t think so…

While in Madrid, the other half (a vegetarian) said she wanted to see it, so she could condemn it and have the evidence. I felt sick after first bull, we left after the fourth and there was at least another 2 to go. Its barbaric and really, the bulls have very little chance, so when one does, in a way I am happy. Have heard rumours that if a bull does manage to kill a fighter, its whole line is destroyed…

the beef that is farmed is treated significantly worse than that particular bull would have been i would imagine

LukeR, honestly, don’t go there. I promise Brendan will win.

I eat meat (for now anyway) so i have no moral leg to stand on. However, i think you will find that, a lot of the beef we eat comes from pretty awful conditions.

They get stunned before…

I’ve got my popcorn and nuttelex ready.

(PS: LukeR, you have no idea what you’re talking about do you? Google captive bolt for a start.)

What about the SNFU song Don’t Have The Cow, “even though I eat meat, I appreciate the irony.”

Fixed that for you

What is so bad about captive bolt? Seriously.

I promised myself, I will win.

I’m a vegetarian, not militant about it at all though. Not really the reason I posted the vid to be honest. Or maybe it was, who knows…

fuck i love that album.

and they are touring in July!