Who Killed McKenny?

You out there? Call me.


^ Can’t help, but didn’t want you to miss this.

Is he not overseas?

he was. think he just got back

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He’s here right now, but he’s like Predator.

sorry, i was doing a huge turd.

andy, email replied :slight_smile:

Andy you should get a job at the one of the big four papers with pun’s like that.

aww thanks Pip.

First smile today. Bikes aint got nothing on kids for cool factor.

Fucken oath. My boy is coming out with “Dadda” now. So good.

Hope your turd is ok Murray.

Teaching him YOLOSWAG is the next logical step, really.

And from now on Lyndon will be known as Pip.

Still half asleep read this and thought this is what you meant. Loling at myself now, I’m not so sharp before coffee.

What did mckenny do this time…