Who makes decent 17t track cogs?

Dura flippin’ Ace only go to 16t.


phil wood

euro asia

Surly are good and you’ll find them in your LBS.

Phil cogs would be the ultimate. Buy them from Aspire Velotech.



Go to Bicycle Express.

Cheap. But good.

Oh yeah, I’m running a 17t Roselli on the Malvern Star. I’ll wait til I get my new frame, then do some shopping.

The shiny, shiny Phil Wood ones do look nice though.

Kookie bikes make sweet nickel and teflon coated cogs.

‘All them’ cogs are good - just be mindful that the extra burly surly cogs don’t mesh well with KMC Z chains, but are fine on the slightly wider KMC Cool chain.

i don’t like the surly so much, but have been running a roselli 17 all year with no problems.


im running a surly 19 with a z chain with no dramas, and i’ve got a roselli 18 (i think) on my other bike, also with no dramas. the surly seems particularly hardy, no real sign of wear after 5 or 6 months of daily use.

+1 for Roselli.


imo at 17t i don’t think you would be using it on the track so i could not understand paying more than 30~40 dollars for one.

+1 for roselli and euro asia

Have you looked at miche? I recon they look loads better than roselli.
Same price maybe ($35-40)?

Euro Asia are a different level, very nice might be worth the investment. Im talking steel not the mad gold plated ones! Surely you could get a good price on one from OS. The prices here seemed a bit over the top.


they are fast postage is good and they have the best stuff.

I’ve been running a 19t Surly for 2 years and it’s still going. It’s a bit worn out but still running well.


Not sure if they’re worth the extra money over the Rosellis though.

Another vote here for Roselli

Sugino is ultimate.

spot on +1

the gold plated ones are what the british track team uses. they are Very Very Nice.

about 100 a pop though.