Who makes the best 1 inch carbon fork for a steel road bike?

I´m considering getting a good quality 1 inch theadless carbon fork for a steel road bike.
My understanding is that Columbus, Deda and Ritchey all make 1 inch versions of their carbon forks. I´m hoping somebody might offer some suggestions on which model is better.
I´d prefer a curved fork rather than a straight one, and I´m not set on a carbon steerer or aluminium steerer (unless you can convince me one way or the other).

Many thanks!

Please tell me you’re also getting a steel fork for your frame?

Correct, of course I am.

I just want to see what the options are in the world of crabon… :evil:

i have a columbus carbon fork, in 1 inch threadless, and i like it very much. it has survived some very rough treatment.

i have an easton ec90 aero full carbon that has a 1 inch steerer tube. Its so light and the ride feels way better.

wound up.

I was planning on buying the EC 90 SL too. Watching this thread closely


Does the ec90 come in straight and curved?

If you get any generic fork, carbon. alloy or steel it will make the frame ride and steer differently- mainly due to the geometry of the fork itself.
Custom frames always came with custom forks right up till the 80’s - makers prided themsleves on the perfect fork rake to match the angles and geometry of the frame.

There is a lot of information available on fork offset derived from the steering angles in relation to stability and steering charataristics.

The aero comes in only straight not sure of
the others you should do a quick google

I have an EC90 Superlight on my Dean roadie. Highly recommended. They come in a straight blade in the 1 1/8", dunno about 1"

Yes of course.
Having a fork that weighs 1/3 that of steel is pretty tempting though.



That’s really tempting!

no one bought it…but as a point of reference i paid around that starting price for the ec90 aero… used

A guy in Townsville is selling this,
“As new Ritchey Carbon Comp fork threadless with 1” steerer, 43mm rake. Bought for a 60cm frame but thought it was a 45mm rake - didn’t like the handling so took it off in 2 weeks. Asking $180