Who needs a 55 track frame?


dfunkt will not be happy with you jim

Just as you think something may have slipped under the FOA radar…

Mods, plz delete thread

Haha… no way! I was watching that one too.

nothing ever does was just very suprised that it hadn’t been posted

This is not the track frame you are looking for…

HLC, please remove your post for dfunkt’s sake, and mine. Pleeeease

haha, probably too late now…
i was hoping the fact it’s in whoop-whoop and no postage would count alot of ppl out.
oh well, happy to bid for it :slight_smile:

I might be…always wanted to go out to Colac.

seems like we should just delete the section all together…


hahaha there’s just too much love around the place!

I asked for more pictures but also no reply. Not so keen to make money?

i’m more looking forward to a nice 3hr loop going down past Lavers, thru the Otways and back up Skenes

Happy to delete but I hope the favour is repayed one day, I’ve been burned by here before too…

I’ll keep an eye on it, and if it looks like its going for a steal ill throw a bid down and go from there! Worst case If there’s a Maccas in town I could get the seller to drop there and have my company arrange delivery to Perth that way ha ha

i’ll be sniping very late in the piece.

if you don’t put a bid on, next time you need pick-up/shipping from vic (i have freinds around the state, so am happy to drive 3ish hrs anywhere from melb) i’m your go to guy.

Ha, I actually had you in mind when I posted this. Next time I see a potential bargain, I’ll pm you. Promise

sheeet, this means you should have the whole world covered…hahahah

Ha ha cheers guys! Appreciate it! All yours dfunkt/dead legs <3