Who on the forum do you wish you were for a day (or week)...

Given a choice I’d be Mr. Dylan.

Irreverent, naive (in a good way), a predilection for being wrong, complete lack of shame, proud boganism … all admirable qualities in my book. The kids a star and I envy him. The ute and caravan abode not so much to my liking but it all adds to his class.


i would be mr dylan because he seems to get drunk a lot and looks like a model, idiot

Who has a hot mrs?

But seriously.

I would be coffee…

  1. So that I could drink some awesome coffee all day.
  2. So that I would sell all bikes and newly acquired Otto to fellow fixed org member ‘EzyLee’ for really cheap.
  3. So that I could visit some mates in Melbourne and really spin them out “Hey it’s me… Liam. What do you mean I don’t look like Liam?” That would be ace.

Nick J, just so I had access to the on/off switch…mwah ha haaaa

coffee - ridiculous collection of awesome bikes, superb coffee skills and has a cool dog

Brendan for being a machine or maybe Coffee for the ultimate bike stable and tatts.

Dromedary, so that 650 wheels were a necessity, not a novelty.

And obviously Benzy, lord of the whipskidders.

Tough call…

Nikcee: So I could posses ‘the infiniate knowledge’ and be able to pen long winded, thread ending, ‘final word’ monologues.
HMC: So I could fix my own bike, have an apreciation for music outside of inoffensive hipster shit and understand what all the upside down A’s and backward E’s mean.
Sime: So I could design my own alleycat posters.
IanHuman: So I got to see all the stuff that was too wrong to put on FC’s.

Blakey, he seems to have a shitload of GOOD bike knowledge.

Just wish Shortsie was back…

If it was a sunny day, I’d be one of the couriers (Lane, Pip, Tomhall etc)

People I’m glad I’m not

Chaz - otherwise I’d super pathetic about my blog work
Coffee - I’d feel too guilty to drink most of the coffee i make at home
Nikcee - I’d feel guilty for never actually going on a CX ride
2Joes - Because I’d have to do all the school work we’re getting him to do now

Right now I’d trade with LP, mainly so I get to be overseas. I would however shave/have a haircut first thing in the morning.

Anyone on this forum who doesn’t work in a shitty call cenre.

Handsome James, but then I’d be dating my sister in law. Maybe not him, 'cause that’s just weird.

Someone who lives in a flat city, because Brisbane is the death of my legs.

Lee, because he’s Ezy.
Jaseyjase, so good they named him twice.
Lane, but I can’t remember why.
Huge, for obvious reasons.
Ben, because he’s fixed.
Brad, because he’s hot.
Pip! Because he’s so happy about it.
Tom. Because I admire good punctuation.

I like how you describe it as ‘work’. - I wish I was JimmyJ, so my last blog post could be Novemebr 8, 2010 and that not be a problem.

i’ll write something about the conference…well i’ll plan to at least.

Pfft… Brisbane is awesome.

Coffee: Because we share the same tastes anyways. Italian. Columbus Max. Campagnolo.

I wish I was Zoltan yesterday just so I could hype my upcoming 5k post only for it to end up as a two word non event in the help forum. That was gold !!!

//love you Jolan