who rides/races MTB's and what do you ride??

title about sums it up post you MTB and who races and what do you race?

No photos of it for some reason, but I ride a pretty stock Scott Genius 40. Absolutely awesome bike. Hooks into descents like a pure demon, but climbs really well. The Equalizer shock with its traction control mode is rad, and gets me up a heap of shit that I would be walking otherwise. Needs a set of tubeless wheels, and I’d like to switch it over to an XT drivetrain and brakes at some point, but it ain’t a priority at the moment and will probably never happen.

I may be selling it shortly and replacing it with a Santa Cruz Blur LT hopefully. See how the wallet looks!

For XC / 24 hour team racing / Enduro races + trail rides

For DH Racing/ Fun

XC and Enduro, only really just starting to take it serious though. Currently riding one of these but in the other colour scheme.


Its a bit heavy, but its a good fun trail bike as well, so until I’m allowed to buy another bike (Not within a year of my last bike - November 2009), its my fun mtb and my race mtb. Managed 6hr races + 50km races on it just fine, and will hopefully be doing the Epic on it later in the year.

2009 Giant Reign X1

dont race. just have fun.

this is what i ride for the moment it is up for sale as i want to move to something lighter

i was think morewood looks nice

or a full carbon for next years nationals i got a point to prove there i hate MTBA at the moment the nationals were on the 3/4th of apr and i turn 18 on the 6th they wouldn’t let me race because of insurance reasons its 2 fucking days so im a little pissed.

Elite Mens XC
Bike - Giant XTC Advanced SL Custom Spec

My mtb’s currently are,
09 Norco Atomik. Old picture though, now has X-9 shifter and derailleur, SLX cranks, Mtx33’s on Dice Hoodoo for wheels, a FSA seat, 2010 protaper DH’s.

Bent my lowers and potato chiped my front Mtx wheel over the weekend.

And a STP shits and giggles bike, which i’m thinking about chucking another frame i’ve got on so its a 1x9 Trail rig. Also an old pic, matching rear wheel now on.

And I race the DH in the Vic series. :slight_smile:

In keeping with the interests of the forum I present my Surly SS, its pretty old now and seen a lot of use over the years but I bet this frame will last a lifetime. I used to race a little bit of XC and marathon type stuff but not for a year or so.

I ride an Avanti Competitor hard tail, use it for cross county, marathon and endurance events. I am looking to add a single speed mtb to the stable at some stage soon though, quite possibly a surly 1x1. If things go to plan i will be hitting the Merida 24 in july on a single speed. that will be interesting

Voodoo D-Jab(fucking voodoo and their dumb names!), XT, Thomson, Hope, etc…

Mainly used for fun rides on the Yarra trails.

My bike when it was brand new. Now has a thomson setback post which is cut much shorter, and a shadow bmx seat. I don’t ride DH often enough to justify having it, but I couldn’t sell it for enough money to justify getting rid of it. I would really like a 4-5 inch XC dually instead, but I’d have to get around to selling this first. Great fun to ride though.

Fuckit. I’ll add a pic later when my 3 'broad’band isn’t being a distinguished gentleman.

Good old single speed. No fuss, no bullshit. It doesn’t get ridden as often as I would like, but there are a few adventures to be had out there.

Planning on doing a few enduros this year, and a 100k race or two if I can ever get an entry.

There is some awesome bikes on here! I ride a Yeti ASX

Here it is

This isn’t my bike, so i have different wheels, bars and seat post and some bits a pieces.