Who Wants a T Shirt?

You’ve probably already seen this thread about the new Fixed.org.au T Shirt design.

Before we take it any further we need to make sure there’s enough interest to make an order. If there are less than 20 then it’s not worth doing.

So, if you want a T shirt and are pretty much ready to pay up, then reply to this thread. The sooner the better.

We’re in a hurry to sort this out so I’ll be ruthless about deleting/editing irrelevant chat in this thread.

Shirts are $26 including postage, or $21 for the Melbourne locals who can pick them up. Brisbane guys (and anyone else for that matter) are welcome to organise one order and distribute locally, to save some postage.


1 Medium(ish) please Nick and I will be able to pick up in Melbourne. Thanks…

One for me. If sizing is the same as the last lot of shirts than medium for me.


One size (S) small for me thanks.

Nick - Vanessa would like one, but only if i won’t be like a tent on her - what is the sizing like please?

I’ll take a large or 2. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a medium

1 medium for me please.

If we are 1 short of the minimum 20 i’ll take 2

I’ll have one - XL Melb pick up

i’d like one, but i’d like to know sizing, like chest measurements or something

i’ll probably be a medium.

3 large for me please.
that’ll be 2 for me, and one for zooke.

Count me in for an XL - Melb pickup


Thanks for the quick responses everyone.

At this stage I just need to get numbers so once that’s done I’ll post instructions on how to order.

In the meantime I’ll get some measurements.

1 please.

Mark me down for 1 if not 2 Nico.

1 large please

1 XXL please if you’re doin’ XXLs, otherwise an XL and I’ll forsake donuts for a month or three.

Any ideas on sizing?

I’m keen, 1x medium methinks.

I’m in Sydney.

The shirts are the same as the last ones, so if you’ve got one fo those you’ll know what size to get.

Sizing is as follows (measurements are taken from armpit to armpit):
Large: 54cm
Medium: 50cm
Youth Large: 45cm
Youth Medium: 43cm
Youth Small: 40cm

But, like I said, I’m only interested in numbers at the moment, not sizes.

What does the shirt mean?