Whole lotta felt F5 carbon roadies

Felt F5 58cm full carbon fiber bike with Shimano 105 Mavic, BB30, Vittoria tire | eBay

There are 4 more of these felt F5’s up on eBay. All from the same seller. All auctioned, one sold for ~$700 today

eBay member has zero selling feedback

Gotta be a bit slow to go for that…

Does the fact the seller does not mention serial numbers (even when requested), does not allow pick-up and there not new, sugest they may be stolen?

Or a man from china with 5 kids who all take part in cycling, and are all 6 foo?t

Or fake with fake groupsets.

^ im still yet to see fake groupsets…how does that work?

black market style like china frames?

Should see all the cheap pinarello’s and campy bora’s on AliExpress / Alibaba

Gotta be fake - prices too good to be true. Or stolen

A Pinarello with Boras for $2600… ha!

White+ Red bicycle!Wholesale! Free shipping !2013 Pinarello Road FULL BIKE/ COMPLETE BIKE With ULTEGRA Groupset , WHOLESALE-in Bicycle Frame from Sports & Entertainment on Aliexpress.com

who would bother making a fake felt

5 listings with the same pic and 0 feedback, not fake, the bike(s) doesnt event exist

just a regular scam


All the guy needs is for one sucker to pay with western union and he’s got enough walking around money to last him a couple months in Shanghai.

Fucken scammers. Speaking of which, has anyone else started to receive SMS spam- HTF do I stop it??

Turn your phone off.

Get a new phone.

Stop giving out your number to those adult weight weenie sites?