Who's got deep pockets?



You found all that with one hand!

It’s my right hand :wink:

wow… some insane rides there.



oh maaannnn. so many sweet builders



Pretty insane. 2nd biggest collection in the world. Some seriously unique pieces.

Already quite a bit of chatter surrounding it. Not sure if it will work for or against the seller, putting them all on the market at once.

anyone know why the auction? owner just needs the cash?

seems such a shame to be parting such an incredible collection

^ He really wants a Rawland Ravn. 1 in, 1000 out.


incredible. Much more tasteful than I was expecting.
I did chuckle at some of the descriptions. ‘Messenger Bike’ with DA10.

I was only slightly disappointed the highest opening price was for a Moulton.

Edit: I was wrong, it has a windshield.

How bad do I want Colrout cranks?


11 speed campy super record X Moulton…whaatttt
This thing is crazy


Some awesome stuff in there which I would say is reasonably priced - at the starting amount ha ha!

FOA maffia team buy? That never works, what an incredible collection, I imagine it’ll work against the seller Gypsy, maybe done a quarter at a time, rather than the whole lot

I just felt my pants move a little…


^ wrong thread but super sexy

I’d love to see that triple triangle with some wheels in it for perspective.

that is one amazing museum worthy collection… I am sure he went way past N -1 a long time ago