Who's on Spotify?

Signed up a couple of days ago. My 48 hours of no adds has just ran out and I’m thinking I now can’t live without it so gonna subscribe.

Anyone else? Thoughts? Loving it? Hating it? Playlists?

I know Ramshackle Army just added their music - that’s a good reason to subscribe. But no, I’m not. I pretty much rely on JLNs music thread these days to look up new (to me) music.

I’m on there but I don’t know anything about it as yet. Except that it gives artists a raw deal, but not quite as raw as torrents.

Isn’t Spotify just like Grooveshark but you have to pay to not hear ads…?

Yeah, don’t quite get how it works seeing as the record companies have to agree to allow their music on there, so it’s obviously legit, but if the majority of users are free users I can only assume that some of the advertising revenue must go to the labels and a portion (probably minuscule) would go to the artists.

0.003 cents per play to the artist, or some such.

Just another way for arseholes to make money off musicians.

I’ve been using it over in the states for the whole 6-7 months I’ve been here.
Only at work where I can’t really listen ot music with intent anyway.

But i’ve been able to do binges on old punk music, 90s rnb, 80s synth pop…really good for finding a bunch of stuff and giving it a go.

I would highly recommend buying physical formats of artists you like though…

i’m on it. mainly to listen to shit i don’t have on my ipod or to listen to shit that i’d never buy (listened to the shit out of nicki minaj the other day).

fucking great graphic.

all i know is that according to the app, mark zuckerberg thinks it’s “amazing”.
i’ve only just figured out how to buy stuff from itunes and now this shit, why can’t we just go back to cd’s like the old days?

wasn’t it invented by the dude who made napster?

Facebook account required for log-in AKA I’ll never give it another minute of my time.

Pity, I’ve heard good things.

Err, vinyl, cassettes, 8 tracks - that’s my old days.

I actually still have a “Perry Como 20 classics” 8 track.

Shame it doesn’t have normal radio as a comparison which is what I would compare spotify to…

Kids these days…I’m all about wax cylinders.

Yeah, i hate facebook integration.

Plus i just acquire all the music i want and chuck it on my iPhone

I’m on rdio.com. Setting by my Sonos system tonight with a Connect amp that my turntable is going in.

I am using Spotify. It seems awesome but I hate the ads, especially the ones that speak to you half way through a playlist.