Why Fixies are Bad for Your Knees

Now I don’t have blissful ignorance as an excuse, more incentive to get those gear-inches under 70 :frowning:


Eh. I push 79 inches around the street all week with no problems… and when i jump on a freewheelbike, only then do they hurt. Only more reason to keep it fixed i say.

Well, that article is a bit of a crock really isn’t it.

Riding too big a gear at low cadence is bad for knees, free or fixed. That’s very different from saying fixed is bad for knees.

they didn’t mention anything about incorrect bike setup being a cause.
most knee problems i’ve had were from riding geared bikes

You can also get bad knees by sucking cock as well

I’m with you spud, every time I hop on my f-ing mountain bike my knees hurt, though not any other time (riding at 76 inches)

An accumulation of uric acid crystals on articular cartilage of joints can also lead to sore knees.

I have started using my brake a lot more since reading this.

In response to the original article, I think that guy is a wanker and is prone to hyperbole.

He quotes a lot of medical journals which state that high gear + low cadence = bad (no shit) and makes the leap of faith to assume that:

I probably do get a bit too enthusiastic when I take off from lights but I certainly maintain a pretty decent cadence (certainly over 100-110RPM) even up fairly long climbs (in fact, I find hills tend to cause my cadence to increase)

Me too :slight_smile:
Ever since I got a road bike, I’m the ultimate lazy fixed rider… Good thing I upgraded my front brake, lets just say it’s getting a good work out…

There is a reply to “Why Fixies are Bad for Your Knees” here:

I agree that bike setup is a factor too, I had a sore knee that is OK now I have changed my saddle position.

Or maybe I’m just wearing out a different part of my knee…

reading is bad for your knees.

Hehe, he’s obviously got the mechanical knowledge of a chimp.

Regardless of your knees, if you are changing down through the gears to slow the momentum of a vehicle I would not be too concerned with the cost a replacing a clutch plate, the majority of stress is exerted on the transmission internals. Rebuilding or replacing your transmission will cause significantly more damage to your hip pocket then a new clutch plate.

Just another piece of sensationalism me thinks…

Lots of things are… umm err I may leave it at that… :smiley: :wink: :evil: