Why flats & top clips?

I run clipless on my MTB and my longer distance riding bike, but on my commuter I simply run flats. I can never find clips that work with the range of shoes I wear, often I wear still cap boots to work as well so I just stick with flats.

geez! Nasty!! now you’ve freaked me out… just took my front break off 2day and now I’ve flipped over my spd shoes to take a squiz at the cleats… Heaps worn…

Maybe they were fully worn and would have done fine if you had replaced the cleats?

And trying to ‘brake’ might have also have solved the problem…

Breaking your bike is generally-speaking not beneficial.

And one’s definition of ‘half-worn’ might also have matched Shimano’s definition of ‘totally shagged’. This reminds me of the pics Dan took of a Sydney Cannonball Run rider’s cleats last year, This rider had wondered why his Time cleats kept pulling out on climbs… The image Dan showed was of a set of cleats so worn that they were totally devoid of any engagement key at all… Ready and prepared for 100km?