Why flats & top clips?

As a new-comer to fixed I’m wondering why most fixie riders opt for flat pedals and toe clips?

I’m about to start looking for pedals for my new bike (Surly Steamroller) and had been thinking about a set of Crank Bros ‘Candy’ clip-in pedals… I had been thinking about these as I’ve used 'em on my MTB in the past and been happy with them…

But should I be looking at flats?

you can wear any shoes with them, birks, boots, double pluggers, whatever.

Amongst the people I know who ride fixed, clipless is the huge majority.

The only advantage I can think of with clips and straps (excluding track riding) is that you can wear whatever shoes you want.

I’ve got Eggbeaters and Candys and they do a great job for me.

And if anyone starts arguing about Time pedals the delete button is going to get worn out quickly :wink:


As another ‘clipless’* pedal rider I, like the others, can only think of the advantage of being able to ride in your desert-boots.

I’d surmise that if you were used to riding clipless on the MTB, you’d probably prefer clipless fixed too, as they provide a more solid attachment to the pedals (unless you want to run the full track setup of locating cleat, double-strap, superglue, etc…).

However, if your bike’s to be used as a real go-shopping-townie, then… your choice.


flats and toeclips all the way. unless i start going on some seriously long rides i can’t see any point in altering my setup. i mainly use my bike as a commuter, so i don’t want to have to carry my sneakers about with me as well.

Ok… so no er, ‘technical’ reason for strapped flats on the track then…?

soooOOOo, think I’ll stick with my Candys and my Shimano DX shoes!

(These shoes rock… cover over the laces to keep errant beer outta ya socks… high sides to protect ya shins from well aimed kicks… cleats that double as for ‘tap’ shoes to increase dance prowess… Yeah Ultimate riding and pub action shoes… plus ya can walk in 'em good!)

Brooklyn Machine Works “Shin-burgers” and zip ties…

pedal has a bottle opener function as well.

Also note the gansta track bike, fuck-yeah…

Drama queen.

I said the magic word quietly

opps, sorry

No, there is: The track system is to run a ‘cleat’ (usually a simple block that matches the pedal) on your shoe that keys into your pedal. Once you strap that sucker down, your shoe won’t go anywhere! (cant pull out upwards, backwards or sideways).

Not so practical for daily riding…

Cool… that answers my question.

Since when has ‘practical’ ever applied to the fixed gear fashion victims?

Iterestingly you will find that very few trackies even bother, the ones that do are usually the ‘true’ sprinters, really solid strong sprinters (who are usually still the exception in track)

don’t get drawn into the whole TIME/other crap debate.
just make sure that whatever clipless pedal you use on your fixie has the rear spring fixed and the front spring floating.
like TIME pedals do.
not with the rear spring floating like shitmano.
that way you can’t pull out of them while you’re skidding unless your cleats are really worn.


Toe clips eat shoes. :x

I do too much riding to get places to rock clipless. Clips and straps means when I get there I’m already wearing my regular shoes, and lets me just jump on the bike without too much messing around.

get decent ones with leather over the front. soft as a baby’s ass.

The day my half worn SPD cleats (dialed as tight as they would) decided to start unclipping themselves while trying to break (breakless) was when I went back to straps!

plastic $5 pedals and dunlop volleys…