Some people really do have way too much time on their hands. Engineers eh :wink: :expressionless:


Cold fusion would be a snap after that…if only he would use his powers for the greater good…

It’s a wheel… and he reinvented it. ! (Sort of…)

lol talk about over engineering things… ride a bit longer everyday and develop the power assist found naturally in peoples legs…

but a better design would be to use a flywheel… add the bicycles momentum to the fly wheel when stopping then let it spin at stand still… then reapply the momentum to the wheel to start up again… would need a clutch style system… but would be able to store shat loads more energy… except it would suck at cornering under that style of braking(gyro style forces at play) and the fly wheel would add a few more kilos… I believe there are some bus designs that use large fly wheels.


The easiest was to get going again once you have stopped is to start peddling.

heath robinson would be proud

People often ask, “But how do you get up hills?” I used to answer “Harden up” but now I’ll answer “With the help of a large uggly spring and chainwheel setup that ruins the neat, clean appearance of my fixed wheel bike.”

One teaspoon of cement for Mr Akira YOSHIZAWA please.


Surely one of a very few bikes with a 3:1 drive/nondrive crank ratio.


Idiot !

What a great video.

“Why not?” is the question you should be asking. It’s not about getting you up hills, it’s about making it easier to take off from the lights. Obviously the current system is pretty impractical but it’s a proof of concept.

Anything that removes barriers to cycling is a good thing. Sure there’s a lot more dickheads on bikes these days but if they weren’t on a bike, they’d be a dickhead in a car. HTFU is all well and good but for those who aren’t already addicted to cycling or got no other option for transport, you’ve really got to force yourself to get on the bike for quite a while.

That video made me lol all over the place.

Why??? you ask? - because it makes a funny video.