WI Linear motion Derailleur


Crazy 90’s MTB derailleur.

Took me this pic to understand how it mounted/worked.

One day I will own one of these. It won’t be this week, though. :frowning:

looks cool, but can’t imagine it’d put up with much punishment.

No, they didn’t. That’s one of the reasons why they’re rare - because they broke and because people didn’t buy them cos their mate’s one broke.

They were designed by Frank Berto who wrote “The Dancing Chain”, the book about derailleur evolution. This is his answer to the question about the best possible derailleur design after many years of research.

was there a road version? seems like it’d be a better application, but possibly also less useful for close ratios.

No road version. White Industries was pretty much a MTB only company back then iirc.

But it didn’t work? Right…

If you could set it up right, it was supposed to work really well, amazingly well. But yeah, it was a failure as far as becoming widely used and copied etc. But look at the thing, it’s a Rube Goldberg machine next to a Shimano derailleur.

In any case, I bet it’ll work better than this derailleur I bought last year: