Wife needs a bike

Hey gang,

My wife is after a bike to roll to work on. General feels are something with flat bar, steel, discs with mounts for rear panniers - anyone have anything in mind that would fit this criteria?

Purple Karate Monkey?


Jamis Coda?

Alloy, hydro discs, swept bar, upright, mixte variant.

If it came in red I would have already bought one for Nicole to replace her Electra Townie.

Yeah. They look pretty good - Keen to get her onto something that isn’t a step through at this point, she has a beat up old mixte that has three gears and really poor brakes. I don’t feel right sending her out on that thing.

Might even look at the second hand market.

FWIW steel and discs won’t be an easy find.

Are you trying to tell me that steel is not real?

Yeah, there you go! TAKE THAT GEOFF!

FWIW lots of those Jamis bikes tend to come up cheap second hand, barely used (in sydney at least). Assume its the ‘let try cycling’ enthusiasm petering out.

Was commenting on the second hand market, if you can find a Jamis Coda, then go for it.

If you’re willing to go aluminium, the Liv Thrive Disc is great value. Hydro discs, 2 x 10 drivetrain, all the mounts for fenders and a rack.

Alright, I spoke to her last night and she really isn’t fussed on a few things - am maybe even thinking of an old steel mtb or roadie.
Flat bars, 650 bigger tyre capable for a bit of fire trail use. Is this doable?

How tall is she? I have the KHS montana with 7sp XT group here… I have absolutely zero use for it, and probably shouldnt have built it. I serviced all the rolly bearing bits and built new wheels… it looks preeeeeety great. I can bring it back for her? I think it would be good for someone around 167cm tall, +/- 2mm. Its 26" and canti brake (could b V any time though)… and will take a 2" tyre no probs, and she’d be cool as on it. Anyway, its yours if you’d like it.

Hey that sounds really good

That’s all well and good, but is it the right colour?

I’ll chat to you on insta!

Sweet as, also this was the bike was thinking for BIL in other thread.