Wiggle have lost it?

Is anyone else noticing wiggle being really really shit with stock this year?

So many things that have either said in stock or “despatched within 2-7 days’” have taken a month+ to arrive. I’m still waiting on shims that i ordered in january that have continually updated the stock expected “late jan” to “mid feb” to"late feb" etc etc… Basic stuff like rim tape/tubes, chains, etc. have all taken ages. Zaffiros havent been in for months. and now it says Charge risers not available to australia about a week after I received mine???

Anyone have any idea why, because they certainly wont give me any answers?

I had the same issue with some bars I wanted. Ordered them, expecting them to ship in 2-7 days. Contacted them after 2 weeks, they said stock would be in soon. checked again 2 weeks later, they were now no longer shipping to Aus. Hassled them and they said theyd honour my order, and stock would be in shortly. Another few weeks went by and a mate was putting in a CRC order so I cancelled. The bars were FSA, and they were the only model they would no longer ship to Aus, all other products were available. Weird.
Maybe suppliers are giving priority to non-discount retailers, as companies like Wiggle tend to undermine local markets because of their pricing… Wouldn’t surprise me if retailers everywhere have been standing up to the suppliers/distros. Maybe.

i got a brooks pro recently said it was out of stock but arrived within a week or so of ordering

they ship internationally and are pretty cheap

Yeah their stock has been shite recently, Went to order some rubino pro’s - nada, no normal rubino’s or conti gatorskins either. In the end I had to order some standard Rubino slicks. However my Arione saddle, bar tape and the tyre all arrived within a week.

However if you have placed an order within the last two weeks chances are it’s gonna be pretty late. I received an e-mail from them the other day that the volcano eruption in Iceland has fucked them over for a while.

Due to that I won’t be ordering through europe for a little while. Off topic - anyone know any LBS in Syd selling any decent UV cycling glasses for normal amounts of money?

Yeh, I have been getting a package or so each week, because of thier damm back orders.

Even so it’s still worth it!

yeh, totally worth it, I did a $100 order which would have cost close to 200 anywhere else,

^ haha avatar :wink:

Victims of their own success? I haven’t ever had any probs with them but yeah expect a big wait while the (volcanic) dust settles…they’ll have sent stuff that will be sitting in airports and customs clearers for a while, and stuff they need from other places to fill your order won’t be getting into the UK quickly.

There has also been some sort of strike that was delaying them a bit I think.

hmmm vittorias seem to be out of stock everywhere on the internet

everywhere except ribble. ribble still have zaffiros in most colours and are way cheaper than wiggle at the moment even without free shipping.

At least Wiggle do send out what stuff they have in stock to you, so your whole order isn’t held up. CRC won’t send out your order until everything is in stock which sucks.